Ezrena Marwan is a graphic designer specialising in print and publication design. She is a firm upholder of the 1964 Design Manifesto that calls for “a reversal of [consumerism and profit driven] priorities in favor of more useful, lasting and democratic forms of communication [...] in part, through the visual languages and resources of design.” Ezrena’s portfolio is thick with work created in support of social and rights-based organisations and initiatives, both locally and around the developing world. Ezrena is also the founder of Malaysia Design Archive.

Jac Kee is a writer, trainer and activist focusing on women’s rights, feminism and technology. She believes that communication is critical for transformation, and has supported communities and networks in building their capacity on strategic communications, especially through alternative media and new technology platforms.

Kris Khaira is a web developer, UI designer and systems administrator focusing on sites made with Drupal. He has been working with the Web for more than 10 years including paid and volunteer work for progressive./non-profit projects related to human rights, arts and culture including MUBIWomen’s Centre for Change and Marking George Town. Follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

chi too is a video and television director, cinematographer, editor, and writer with a special interest in indigenous people and environment issues. He sees video as a means to lend voice to those who have no access to media space and outlets. Despite being a filmmaker, Chi Too is on a quest to educate cash strapped NGOs that ‘perhaps video is not what you need’. He will only pick up his video camera and accept their money only if the benefits of video is truly worth the effort and resource invested into it. Otherwise, he is still happy to work for other organisations in his efforts to help the former.

Sarah Escandor-Tomas is a technical and system coordinator based in the Philippines.

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