Client: Streething
Year: 2006-Present

Streething is a magazine providing a daily dose of urban culture and information about the latest fashion, art, design, music and happenings going on around South East Asia.Streething started out four years ago as an online forum for sneaker enthusiasts around South East Asia to geek out. As forum membership grew to over 10,000 within the first year, Streething evolved from a small community of sneakerheads into the biggest group of urban culture aficionados in the region. From then, they’ve held various ground events like their massive “All in the Family” events at Zouk KL and adidas and Casio street parties.

Since 2006, Kedai Runcit has been handling Linux systems administration for Streething.

“One of Asia’s biggest street culture portals, Streething, pounds the pavement for the hottest digs every month so you don’t have to.”

// a collective of individuals who do art, tech and communications