Rio Declaration: P 10 – What it means to you

Client: Sonia Randhawa, Malaysian Environmental NGO Network
Year: 2008
Issue: Sustainable Development & Environmental Protection
Role: Book design /  Layout /  Cover design & illustration

“The Rio Declaration: Principle 10 – What it means to you” is a pocket sized handbook that outlines Malaysia’s obligation under Principle 10 of the Rio Declaration, an international agreement on sustainable development and environmental protection issues. Essentially, Principle 10 can be summarised into three main pillars:

1) public participation in decision making;
2) access to environmental protection; and
3) access to environmental justice.

Author:  Sonia Randhawa
Publisher: Malaysian Environmental NGO Network

Kedai Runcit’s work:

  • Book design
  • Layout
  • Cover design & illustration

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